Wellcome To A Brief Look At Tomorrow

By L.C. Thomas

12/24/50 - 6/20/13

The loss of this brilliant man will be truly missed.

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The Night Watchman


One If By Land, Two If By See

The Eighth Chapter Of  Daniel

The Russian Prophet               

Divided By One

Chain Reaction

Time Lock

Striking Distance

Bad Moon Rising



See No Evil

Tainted Seed

Desolation Row



Battle Star

Eve of Destruction


Ten Years After

One Tin Soldier

Long Black Veil

Back In Black

House Of The Rising Son


Xerxes Revisited

Behold A White Horse

Cross - Eyed Mary

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A Brief Look At Tomorrow

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Identifying the Antichrist and the False Prophet

There will be five more articles published for L.C. Thomas as he laid out the dates for me to publish them.

Behold A White Horse 7/2013

Crossed Eyed Mary 8/2013

Brilliant Disguise 10/2013

Wandering Star 12/ 2013

The  Dangerous Type 2/2014

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Second to last article Behold A White Horse

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"And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon." Revelation 16:16

And Jesus said  If I have told you of earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? John 3:12 KJV

Do you really believe Satan cannot fool you? and just how really narrow is the gate? With Noah there was just eight.

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Identifying the Antichrist and the False Prophet

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What is the truth? Has World War III begun? Is Armageddon just around the corner? With the Middle East in turmoil, what will happen to Israel and the Jewish people? What are the signs that God gave us to look for? Are we witnessing the beginning of the last days in our daily news? What are the signs in the Bible given by Daniel the prophet? Does the book of Revelation and the book of Psalms foretell our future? Is the Antichrist living among us today? Does Satan live among us in a body of flesh? If he does, how can we identity him? What is the Mark of the Beast? What role will the Pope and Vatican play in the coming world crisis? Does Nostradamus agree with what the Bible says? What do his quatrains predict concerning the Blue Leader? Is he describing a blue turban or a blue helmet? What roll does Christianity play in the end times? How did Author L.C. Thomas know that Osama Bin Laden was the White Leader? Who is Mabus, Saddam Hussein? Who is the Black Duke that Nostradamus spoke of and what role does he play? Who is King Henry of France? Who are the true authors of the Great Conflict? Is the United States mentioned in Bible prophecy? Does Nostradamus mention the United States? Is there really a conspiracy among politicians to overthrow the governments of the world? What city is Mystery Babylon The Great? Does the Tower of Babel still stand, and where is it located? What role does the United Nations play in the end of days? What is yet to happen to New York City? What clues are hidden in the great Sphinx? What role will Syria, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Germany, France and Rome play in the last days? Who's side is Europe on in the coming battle? Are Secret Societies like the Rosicrucian's, Illuminati, and Freemason involved? What is the role of the Knights Templar and Bilderbergers? What is Alchemy and how does it connect to the Old Occult Mysteries? Is Jesus returning soon? Did the sons of God, who are fallen angels, set up and introduce mankind to the Law of One? Does Oneness teach a false spirituality? What does the Bible say about the Muslim people? How did the month of Ramadan and the Kabba located in Mecca, reveal the identity of Osama Bin Laden? What does socialism, communism, and democracy have to do with the image of Daniel? Will the earth as we know it actually change? Does L.C. Thomas agree with other experts regarding the prophecies of Nostradamus? To be honest with you no, we claim to be no expert but the use of there opinions science, astronomy, theology and quarry along with the strength, courage and confidence to publish against the wrong to show a stronger foundation from the bits and pieces used from around the world and to back it up with The Word Of God. We have no sacred cow to protect only the truths that lies within the text of The Holy Bible.

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Identifying the Antichrist and the False Prophet

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The Guard Tower


1: The New Millennium

2: Israel Be Warned

3: America Be Warned

4: Twilight's Last Gleaming

5: Children Of The Sun

The Seven Last Plagues


1: Pestilence

2: Blood Bath

3: Airborne Contagion

4: Scorched Earth

5: Boomtown

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