Identifying the Antichrist

and the False Prophet

   The False Prophet, Nostradamus describes him as the Black Duke with the red feather - A Brief Look At Tomorrow

  The Black Duke


The Blue Leader - A Brief Look At Tomorrow

  The Blue Leader


 The White Leader - A Brief Look At Tomorrow

  The White Leader


  Finally, Nostradamus describes a group of men that he refers to as the Kings of Orient and the Rose - A Brief Look At Tomorrow

    The Red Rose


    If you are looking for some fresh insight into Bible Prophecy, Nostradamus and the Antichrist you've come to the right place false prophesies revealed.

   The pictures to your left are of people that fit the descriptions given in the prophecies of the Bible and in those of Nostradamus. If you follow the news at all you've seen their faces before. But unless you can guess who they are for sure, you may want to consider purchasing a copy of the book A Brief Look At Tomorrow to go along with the teachings of this site.

  What A Brief Look At Tomorrow allows you to do is zero in on what the Bible foretells by using the quatrains of Nostradamus as an aid. To start with Nostradamus does not describe a different set of events as some people would have you to believe. For instance, the Bible says that the false prophet will rise from two separate branches of Christianity because he has two horns like a lamb. Nostradamus tells you how he will dress. He describes him as the Black Duke with the red feather. The Antichrist will be a man called Ogmios leading a blue army in World War III. The flags of both the United Nations and NATO are blue.

    Nostradamus and the Bible also describe a man from the Middle East. Nostradamus called him the White Leader, who would be born in the fortunate country of Arabia. The Bible calls him the king of the south, and says he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia, better known today as the industrialized nations of the West.

    Finally, Nostradamus describes a group of men that he refers to as the Kings of Orient and the Rose. The Bible describes this secret sect as a group of prominent men that it refers to in the book of Revelation as kings, which have received no kingdom as yet, but receive power when they plot with the Antichrist to combine all of the nations of the world into one empire.

    What we have effectively done here on the site and in the book is to take the prophecies of the infamous French Seer Nostradamus, other Famed Seers, End Time Seekers, the Skeptics along with the Experts using Science and Astronomy and The Ring James Version of the Holy Bible, to gather the information we are now revealing to you.

   Once you begin to review some of the material here on the site and see how it parallels with those of the Bible Prophecy. I believe you will feel the same as we do, that the parallels are no less than fascinating. We at The Night Watchman would like to invite you to take a look around the web site, as you just may find some things that will be of interest to you. If you do, then please tell a friend or family member about us because we believe our message is an important one.  Thank You 


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